Beautiful France and its lovely people

As research for the Paris scenes of Revenge Best Served Bloody which is scheduled for release on 6/1/14, Paulie and I visited Paris and northern France. The French people were wonderful. For instance, as we tried …

Intertextuality in To Sleep…Perchance to Die

To Sleep…Perchance to Die exhibits intertextuality, a concept introduced by Kristeva in 1966 regarding the relationship between literary works in which an earlier text influences a later text. In To Sleep…Perchance to Die chapter headings …

Real life character, Hubie Santos

It’s exciting news that Attorney Hubie Santos, the nonfictional character in To Sleep…Perchance to Die, has made national news by getting Michael Skakel’s conviction of the murder of Martha Moxley …

When to write?

Recent newsletters, blogs, and tweets have given advice about how , e.g. speed writing, and when, e.g. setting a daily writing schedule, a writer should write. Such advice can be confusing to those of us new to … email to readers

I was notified by an patron that he received an email from Amazon that recommended To Sleep…Perchance to Die to their readers of fiction. This is good news that I’m …

Book Marketing Experts

Penny Sansevieri and her team at Book Marketing Experts have agreed to handle the promotional aspects of my novel.   I’m delighted to have them on board. Don

Hartford Courant

Ads for To Sleep…Perchance to Die are running it both the print and internet versions of the Hartford Courant. The first ran on 6/1. Looks good. Don