The Lying Times

Again, the once proud New York Times, has proven itself to be nothing more than a political rag fit only for checkout counters in grocery stores. They’ve made the claim that the Florida State Government delayed issuing evacuation orders prior to Hurricane Ian, and, as a result, unnecessary deaths of Floridians have occurred. This accusation is nothing more than a partisan lie meant to impugn the reputation of Ron DeSantis, who is, perhaps, the best governor in the nation, and to deflect from the ineptness of the clowns at the head of the central government of the USA.

The truth is that Governor DeSantis and the various branches of the Florida government have set the standard for hurricane preparedness. They made every preparation possible prior to the storm and for post storm sequela. Multiple times every Florida resident was forewarned and advised of methods to protect themselves, and advisories and help continued post storm.

While deaths from this storm, or any other catastrophe, are always terrible to endure, they were not the fault of Governor DeSantis and his team. Sometimes nature is too strong and the best preparations are not enough to keep us safe. The New York Times must remember the results of Sandy when it devastated northeast states a few years ago. Did they call out the governors of those states for not doing enough? No, they did not. Why? As I said in the beginning of this blog, the Times has degenerated into a political rag.