There seem to be countless problems in America caused by the inept Biden administration and the woke crazies that surround him. Where to start? What about inflation and the economy, crime, race relations, the porous southern border, supply chain issues, school boards that encourage teachers to teach inappropriate subjects to young children, the Supreme Court leak, weaponizing federal agencies against the average citizen, the Hunter/Joe Biden scandal, our image here and abroad, etc., etc., etc. These subjects are fodder for future posts.

Perhaps the craziest outrage is a Wisconsin school board charging two grade school students with sexual harassment for not using the proper pronoun when referring to a fellow student. They didn’t use the pronoun “they” when referring to him/her.

It’s laughable. The case should be dismissed on its merits.

When is the real America going to wake up and not let the crazy woke insignificant minority influence what happens in our country?