What Will They Say?

If America survives the destructive onslaught being rained upon our society and way of life, future generations of Americans will look back in disbelief at these times. As we once looked at the German people in the time of Hitler and asked how they could have allowed a madman to do what he did, future Americans will ask similar questions of us:

Why did we allow the minority to rule the majority? How could we let the opinions of whining losers in their mother’s basement become important enough to make drastic changes in society?

Why didn’t we condemn anyone who thought a socialist form of government was better than a democracy?

Why did corporations cower to the whims of BLM and Antifa?

How could we defund the police and not expect chaos?

Who decided that allowing criminals on the streets was better than keeping them in jail or prison?

Why didn’t we stop thugs from destroying our cities?

Why didn’t we stop thugs from smash and grab looting?

Who decided in an Orwellian frame of thinking what words we should or should not use? What statues and books were permitted?

Who agreed that a man could decide he was a woman, or a dog, or a robot by thinking it? And vice versa?

Who in their right mind would allow transgender men to participate in women’s sports and not know it would destroy women’s sports?

Who was crass enough to take from parents their right to have a say in their children’s education?

Why did we allow the opinions of uneducated but rich and pampered Hollywood and other celebrities to influence our thinking?

Most important: Who could allow unvetted migrants to pour through our southern border and not expect disastrous consequences?

Future generations will ask these questions and a thousand more. They will say “how stupid they were for putting up with such atrocities.”