Wussies and Jellyfish

There is a growing number of people in the U.S., especially in our young adult population, who are unable to cope with the “real” world. I speak of those who run to so-called safe spaces at the slightest provocation. Even words are enough to turn them into quivering lumps of protoplasm. In their world, almost any word is offensive or racist.

About the only time they venture from their safe spaces is when a group of them protest, riot, loot businesses, or harass someone at a restaurant or in a bathroom. They are especially active in places where they know the law won’t stop them. They are bold in the company of others like them. Weaklings supported by weaklings. A bunch of wussies and jellyfish.

Now that the U.S. is falling apart under the Biden administration, we require manly men and womanly women to reclaim our country. Where are such people? Fortunately, they are among us as police officers, firemen and firewomen, paramedics and EMTs, nurses, the men and women of our armed forces (with the exception of some high ranking officers), even some politicians, and a host of others in all walks of life. They will answer the call.

Are there enough of such people? Perhaps for the present, but the number of what I’ve referred to as wussies and jellyfish is increasing. The educational system we have is grinding them out at a rapid pace. In a generation or two our country will be controlled by them, and that will be bad for America.

When the inevitable happens and the Chinese attack us, the wussies and jellyfish will be woefully inadequate to repel them. As for you ladies in your college dorm who had seizures when a man came to repair your toilet, wait until the Chinese army comes marching into your dorm. They’ll teach you things that were never part of your curriculum.

Unless we take back our country from the far left fringe that wants to fundamentally change America, our future as a nation is bleak.