Key Words and Phrases

The democrats have an amazing system of getting talking points out to each other. On any given day Biden, Harris, Psaki, Schumer, Pelosi, and congressional democrats use the same key word or phrase over and over in the media. Words and phrases such as: Russian collusion, inequality, systemic racism, white supremacy, and Jan 6th. Much of what they say are lies, but I suspect they are aware of the old adage that if a lie is repeated over and over, to many people it becomes the truth. Yes, the democrats are experts at turning lies into false truths, and by doing so they deflect from the real issues facing this country.

Republicans are not as crafty as democrats. While democrats, with few exceptions, are generally unified, republicans are often at odds with each other. An example is the so called RINOs who often undermine the efforts of others in the party. Until republicans become a unified party and present a united front, they will always be at a disadvantage to the crafty democrats.