Another Straw

The USA is in total disarray. A disarray caused by wokesters, the radical left, anarchists, the democratic party establishment, and those who support them. They are trying to radically change our country and take it from us. The country I grew up in and love. Banning literature, removing statues, destroying cities, and sullying the names of our great forefathers are some of the methods they use.

Today, I saw another result of their politically correct wokeness. A television advertisement included a black Rapunzel. My thought was now they’re even trying to take away our fairytales. Rapunzel was European and white with blond hair. A product of the Bros Grimm. She wasn’t black. What’s next for them to change? Goldilocks? Snow White? We who want a fair and inclusive country should burn up the internet with complaints and boycott products when we see or hear things that offend us. It’s what the other side does at the slightest provocation.

As I said, I love my country and there are many millions like me who love our country and its history. We greatly outnumber the bad guys. Yes, America isn’t and wasn’t always perfect, but what person, institution, or country is? The good news is we can and will make it better while maintaining our traditions and history.

We are not going to let the radicals take our country from us. We are going to fight them every step of the way. We will never give up. If they want it, they will have to pry it from the tight grip of millions of our interlocked hands.