The Modern Benedict Arnold

I thought Milley’s Afghan withdrawal was so stupid from a tactical / strategic point of view that it had to be on purpose. No general in the U.S. Army could not know the proper way to withdraw from the country. The average citizen would have come up with a better plan. Therefore, I believe, it was purposeful and meant to disgrace our country.

The latest revelations from the Woodward book, if true, are dimensions worse than the botched Afghan withdrawal. To inform the Chinese that he, Milley, would warn them prior to an attack is treason. Think of the thousands of American soldiers who would die because the Chinese were informed of an eminent attack. Think of the Chinese launching a preemptive nuclear attack on America.

Milley is a traitor. He should be arrested, stripped of all military rank, and meted the severest penalty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.