Peeves continued

We often hear the huckster tell us to call the 800 number and then add: “The call is free.” Who doesn’t know that the call is free? Is someone going to say “Duh, I didn’t know the call is free, so, in that case, I’m going to call it.” They think we are idiots and not smart enough to know when a telephone number is not chargeable to us.

Any mail you get that is addressed to you or current resident, throw it in the trash without opening it.

When government officials make an announcement, why do they feel the need to have a signer with them? Are there any deaf people who watch T.V. without closed captioning?

The T.V. advertisement informs you that because you used a certain product and got a certain disease you may be entitled to compensation. Remember: except in rare instances you will get pennies while the lawyers rake in millions.

The advertisement offers a free gift. Arn’t gifts free by definition?