If gold and silver are great investments and if their prices are going to skyrocket as the sellers say, why don’t they hold on to the metals and reap the profits themselves?

Why does Lexus, a Japanese carmaker, have a female T.V. advertising hawker sport an English accent and end with a phony “visit your Lexus deeal-laar”

Doesn’t everyone know that when the advertisement promises a second product, just pay a separate fee or just pay shipping and handling, that separate fee or that shipping and handling is more than the product is worth. Just a way of selling two instead of one.

To end robocalls, we have to quit answering them. When we all do that, the calls will stop.

When the advertiser says nothing kills germs better, nothing cleans clothes better, nothing is stronger, nothing is faster acting, nothing…-well, you get the idea. What they are saying is that their product is the same as all similar products on the market, no better or worse. They are counting on you to make the incorrect assumption that their product is better than the others.