Cops Under Siege

If I were a police officer in a hamlet, village, town, city, or anyplace else that didn’t respect my profession, I would quit my job and leave the area. I’d look for police work in more favorable environments such as South Dakota and Florida. If I found nothing, I would seek another line of work.

To be a cop in places such as Minneapolis, St Louis, New York City, and Seattle (to name a few) must feel close to unbearable to the hard working protectors of our society. Yet, the vast majority of police officers soldier on in an attempt to carry out the duties of their profession. We the people owe them much, but, I fear, many won’t appreciate their service until it is needed and unavailable. Defunding, dehumanizing, demeaning, and disparaging police will lead to a breakdown of the society and of the security we’ve come to know.