The Second Civil War – Red verses Blue

A short time ago, I suggested that the United States is about to be embroiled in civil war. Also, I advised reading The Second Horseman in which the beginning of civil war is depicted.

As the U.S. is larger and more populous than in the latter part of the nineteenth century, there would  be significant differences between the first and second wars.  Opposing lines of conflict will not easily be defined as north verses south. The goal will not be to unite. It will be to create new countries.

Red states against blue, rural sections against highly populated areas, and  inner cities will oppose suburbs. One could predict more than fifty percent of police and military will align with red although a significant percent will be blue. Confusion will reign. A greater percentage of the population will die in the second war than in the first.

Can there be a victor? What will the new map of north America look like? These are questions for another blog to consider.