I was recently asMan taking down note in diaryked for ‘a few thoughts about writing’ … Here, as succinctly as I can put them, they are … Whether you are a writer, reader, or some combination of both, hope they resonate ..

  • Give minimum detail when possible. Allow the reader to generate a mental image of a character or scene.
  • Do in-depth research on a subject as if it was part of a doctorate you are working on.
  • Know your likely reader and write to that person. Use test readers during the creation of your novel to see if you are hitting your target audience and adjust as necessary.
  • Get into the minds of your characters. What would they think and how would they act in the circumstances into which you put them in?
  • We humans have good and bad qualities. Good people are not always good and bad people have some good qualities. Remember that when creating characters.