Since completion of the three-part series on my ghost, Gertrude, I had not intended to write more of her. Yet, a recent Gertrudeincident that I believe is another manifestation of her presence, compels me to add to what I’ve already told.

We had previously purchased a motion sensitive nightlight that illuminates a hallway connecting two of the bedrooms in our home. It is a handy light to have. Walking to within a few feet of it causes it to turn on for approximately a minute. It has always performed as expected.

Two weeks ago, while my wife and I were sleeping and the bedroom door was open to the hallway, the motion sensitive light illuminated and remained so for several minutes. The light woke us, and I immediately investigated. My thoughts were concentrated on the possibilities of an intruder in our home, a defective nightlight, or, the possibility of a sign from Gertrude. As for the latter, Gertrude had used lights as a sign of her presence on two previous occasions.

I ruled out the intruder scenario and spent the next week testing the possible reasons the light might have turned on. I found that a critter such as a mouse or a large flying moth would not have activated it. In fact, it worked as it should have at all times and has done so to this day. My belief is that Gertrude was letting us know she’s still with us.

It is interesting to note that at the time of the incident I was receiving feedback from readers of the Gertrude articles. Several suggested that those who investigated such things might be interested in researching my ghost. It’s what I have intended to do but, as yet, have not. Perhaps turning on a light is Gertrude’s way of showing me that this is what she wants.